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Muca & La Marquise 'LONDON'

MUCA & LA MARQUISE The latest release! A love song to the city 'London' is the debut single from writing duo Muca & La Marquise. Written from the perspective of two foreigners moving to and falling in love with the vibrant city, 'London' is a fun and summery track which captures the chemistry of the new song writing duo.

The Beatflux

THE BEATFLUX The Beatflux unveiled their second single ‘State Of Mind’, on 10th July via The Secret Warehouse of Sound Recordings. Based on the heavy grunge of the 90s and classic 70s rock, the track glides along with a doom like pace, building into a powerful chorus, driven by the pitch perfect vocals or Enrico Minelli and musicianship of Muca on guitar, creating a perfect juxtaposition between each era of music and reminiscent of Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath.

Los Bitchos - Turkish delight

LOS BITCHOS Los Bitchos are back with a heavy anthemic summery joint entitled 'The Link Is About To Die', which blends surf guitar riffs, with break-beats drums / percussion, and latin flavours. Check out the flip, we mixed the cool mellower psychedelic 'Turkish Delight'.

#London Calling 89FM

LONDON CALLING 89FM Listen to our daily show - Muca presents the latest UK talent from Monday to Friday at 23:55 (GMT-3) on Rádio Rock 89. Know a band? Get in touch.

Muca in the Studio

THE STUDIO IN HACKNEY Have you been to your studio in Hackney Central? Here is a little sneak (with English subtitles), you may recognise our locals!

The Great Escape - with Rosie Lowe

THE GREAT ESCAPE Muca went to Brighton and checked out all the freshest talent in the pipeline. Here we interview Rosie Lowe, have a look about what she tells Muca what helps her when writing new music.

Tiger & the Light Side

TIGER & THE LIGHT SIDE For fans of Angus & Julia Stone, Neil Young with a pinch of rock! One of my nicest mixes this year. Listen in. GENRE Folk PRODUCTION Recording, mixing and production of "Shadow in the Dark" in 2018.

London Calling 89FM

NEW RADIO SHOW We've embarked on a new adventure and recently started a new radio show called "London Calling" for the biggest rock radio station in South America! We are a little bit proud.

Marie Launay

MARIE LAUNAY Her debut album launch, Marie is an incredible composer and her songs get you up dancing GENRE Pop, World PRODUCTION Mastering of the album "Hope"

Emma & Muca (upcoming)

EMMA & MUCA We've been busy writing songs with Emma over the last few months and plan to release some of the material soon! Come back for more. GENRE Jazz, Pop, Bossa PRODUCTION Co-writing, recording

Rachel Gardner Smith

RACHEL GARDNER SMITH Beautiful jazz. GENRE Jazz PRODUCTION Recording of "All of Me" in summer 2018


ROSKO The odd mixes are the ones who tend to stand out more! GENRE Mix rock, punk, grime, hip hop, jazz and whatever other music genres you like PRODUCTION We recorded their latest single Gunge in early 2018


STAGS We've been working with Stags since 2013 and we are about to release their debut album 'London Is Dead' at the end of summer GENRE Rock, Psychedelic, 60s PRODUCTION Most recently the recording, mixing and production of "This love" which was released in early 2018 and their EP "Night Time Voices" released in 2016. Watch this space, more coming soon!

Randolph Matthews (UnTamed)

RANDOLPH MATTHEWS Randolph was one of our first clients. His voice and professional approach is fantastic! GENRE Jazz, Vocal Performer PRODUCTION Production and co-arranging of the single "Blur", "Spirit River", "Walk Ahead" and "Paranoid Horizon" for his latest album UnTamed in 2017.

Phil Beadle (Rules for Mavericks)

PHIL BEADLE Rules for Mavericks: A Manifesto for Dissident Creatives by Phil Beadle is a guidebook to leading a creative life, to being a renaissance dilettante, to infesting your art form with other art forms, to taking a stand against mediocrity, to rejecting bloodless orthodoxies, to embracing your own pretension and, most of all, to dealing with your failure(s). And what did we do? We recorded the audio book - which Muca features with a massive burb ;) Get the book here

L.A. Salami

L.A. SALAMI We've worked with L.A. Salami since 2010 on various projects including "Back to the Feature", "Another Shade of Blue" and most recently on the single "Gets you wondering" which was released in 2016. GENRE Folk PRODUCTION Recording, mixing and production of the EP "Another Shade of Blue" in 2013

Dead Pirates

DEAD PIRATES We met the Dead Pirates .... and instantly got along. We produced one of their singles in 2014 a double single with Brazilian duo MIxhell, and threw them a massive launch night together on a secret warehouse in East London. GENRE Stoner Rock PRODUCTION Recording, mixing and production of "The Shape" in 2014.


FLOWERSCENTS The band formed in 2014 and released their first EP Back To The Wall in 2015. We like their breezy indie style a lot! GENRE Indie, Rock PRODUCTION Recording, mixing and mastering of the EP "Back To The Wall"

The Harlots

THE HARLOTS In 2012 we worked with the Harlots on some of their material and recorded them in the late Osborn Studios, also known as the former Sarm EAST. GENRE Indie PRODUCTION Recording and mixing "Do I Do I"

Bengal Lancers

BENGAL LANCERS We keep meeting and just get stuff done. GENRE Indie PRODUCTION Recording, mixing & production of "Brick by Brick" and "the Shakes" in 2014 and recently we mastered the latest single "Eclipse"

The Bright Field (Harriet Starling)

THE BRIGHT FIELD Singer Harriet Starling has a fantastic voice. We recorded her single "Murder" for "The Bright Field" project in 2014. Have a look for her work as "Starling" too. She personifies pop and is curious. GENRE Country, Pop PRODUCTION Recording for "Murder"

Irini Mandó

IRINI MANDO One of the new talents to look out for! We worked with Irini Mandó on Pink Noise in 2015. He said, she said Did you see what happened next? I think she went off with him Me and her - best friends Name droppin', story poppin' No one can wait to hear the news But I am not about this life So if you would excuse me, you... GENRE Pop PRODUCTION Mastering "Pink Noise"

Bonfire Nights (Oh Sweet Nuthin')

BONFIRE NIGHTS Oh Sweet Nuthin' by Bonfire Nights, released by Palm Zone - Session 1 in 2014. A Tribute to to the Velvet Underground GENRE Indie PRODUCTION Recording of "Oh Sweet Nuthin'"

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