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Tiger & The Homertons

Tiger is a folk singer/songwriter. He grew up nourished by the sounds of the ocean and the nature where the roots of his music come from. Surrounded by a strong musical atmosphere, Tiger felt in love from his youngest age with Neil Young, America, Tracy Chapman, amongst others.

From the first time he picked up a guitar, he naturally felt the needs to write and express his own ideas of the music through words and melodies. Attracted by the vastness of the world and curious about his diversity, at the age of 19, Tiger decided to grab his guitar and start a new journey in his life. His artistic sensibility had been strongly nourished from those years crossing oceans, meeting new peoples, learning about new cultures, new atmospheres, landscapes and natures.

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Shadow In The Dark

'Shadow In The Dark' is the first single by Tiger & The Light Side

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Shadow in the Dark

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