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Equipment list


_Neumann u47 FET Vintage

_Neumann KM84 consecutive serial number -[x2]

_ATC Coles 4038 Ribbon Microphone (x2)

_RCA 44BX Ribbon from the 50's

_Telefunken AR51 Tube

_Telefunekn M82

_Neumann u47 Tivoli Clone (x2)

_Sennheizer MD421 vintage mics - [x2]

_AKG C12/ELAM Tivoli Clone 

_AKG D12 vintage (x2)

_AKG D19 Vintage (x2)

_Electro Voice RE10

_Reslo Sound vintage ribbon mics - [x3]

_Neumann KMS104

_Shure SM7B

_Shure SM57 (x4)

_Shure SM58 Beta (x03)



_Neve 51 series 12 channel sidecar

_Neve 1073BAE Pair 

_Thermionic Culture The Phoenix Anniversary Mastering Edition

_Maselec MEA2 Mastering Equaliser

_Neve 33609/j Buss Compressor Limiter

_Thermionic Culture Vulture Super 15 anniversary edition

_SSL Fusion Mix/master

_API 7600  Channel Strip

_Tube Tech Mec 1a  Channel Strip

_Universal Audio 6176 

_Telefunken V476 Pre amp

_Focusrite ISA 828 8x channel preamp

_SPL Channel One Channel Strip



_Lexicon 480L reverb with LARC

_Roland RE 301 Chorus Echo


_StuderA807 1/4 inch 2 track tape machine




_Barefoot Micromain MM27 

_Unity Audio "The Rock MKII"

_Yamaha NS10



_Digidesign Pro Tools HDX

_Digidesign Control 24

_Avid 16x16x16 Interface

_Burl B2 ADC

_Mac Pro quad-core 2.66 with 32gb RAM

_Digidesign Control 24



_Fender Rhodes MKII

_Yamaha CS-5

_Juno 106 Synth*


_Teenage Engineering OP-1*

_Yamaha P35 Heavy Weight 88keys electric Piano

_M Audio Keystation midi keyboard controller


_Gibson Les Paul custom 82

_Fender Stratocaster 61' reissue made in USA with Kinman noiseless pickups

_Fender Japan Stratocaster with jb junior and texas special pickups

_Martin 000-16GT acoustic guitar

_Kemper Profiler power amp version

_50's Vintage Mandolin

_Orange TH30 

_Fender HotRod Deluxe amp

_Aguilar Tonehammer 500 + Aguiler 112NT cabinet

_Pedals fx as well, Strymon,Fulltone, OCD, Electro-Harmonix tube ziper

memory man with hazard, fuzz factory, etc…



_Pro Tools HD10

_Logic 09

_Reason 05

_Universal Audio Octo Core with most of the plugins including Studer, Ampex,

Neve, Lexicon reverbs, Manley massive, passive, EMT 250, Harrison EQ's etc...

_Waves bundle V8

_Sound Toys bundle

_Brainworks Bundle

_SPL Bundle


* Available Under Request 

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